Fire Text Effect

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a burning text effect, as seen below:

Fire Text Effect

First make a canvas:

Grab the Text Tool:

Type in the text you want, I used “FIRE“:

Now select the text layer FIRE:

Goto Layer > New > Layer via Copy:

Hide the copied text layer by clicking the eye next to it:

Now, right click the original text layer and click Rasterize Type:

Now, right click the rasterized fire text layer and click merge visible:

Goto Image > Rotate Canvas > 90 CW:

Now go to Filter > Stylize > Wind

Make sure From the Left is checked, and click ok:

Now goto Filter > Wind (Ctrl+F) And click it two times:

Goto Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 CCW:

Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur

And set it to about 2.0 pixels:

Now, Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation… (Ctrl+U):

Make sure you click Colourize:

Enter the following settings:

Now duplicate the FIRE layer by right clicking the layer and click Duplicate Layer

Now set the duplicated layer to Color Dodge

Now right click the duplicated layer and click Merge Down:

Then go to Filter > Liquify… (Shift+Ctrl+X)

At this point you need to brush the fire in a up and left and right direction, edit the brush size to suit you:

Now unhide the FIRE Copy layer:

Go to blending options on the FIRE text layer:

You can Use Change these settings how you wish but just to keep it with the fire use these:

Here’s your final result!

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