Fill a Wine Bottle and Glass

This tutorial will show you how to fill an empty bottle and glass with wine.

Do a search for “water splash” and “pouring” and you’ll find some nice splash pictures and liquid pictures. For the wine in the glass and in the bottle we want a picture from the side of the liquid, so we can see the surface. Once you find it, copy and paste it.

Invert the colors CTRL+I.

Colorize CTRL+U the liquid and change it to a nice red wine color.

Change the Blending option for the wine layer in the Layers window to “Screen” and position it over the glass.

On a new layer, under the wine layer, use the Elliptical Marquee tool and draw a circular shape in the wine glass.

Using the eyedropper, select one of the red wine colors. Then, use the Brush tool and fill in the bottom portion of the shape you made.

Take your eraser and erase the top part of your shape, to line up with the liquid layer you made earlier.

Preserve transparency in the Layers window. Select a slightly redder, brighter wine color using the Eyedropper. Use the Brush tool with a Soft Round brush and go around the edges some.

Change the Blending option on this layer to “Color”.

Adjust the levels of the surface liquid to make it richer and darker.

You can go in at this point on a new layer, above the bottle and glass layer, with a tiny Brush, paint some black behind the splashes coming out of the glass. This will make them look more visible, and appear more as though the wine is splashing out of the glass, instead of from behind the glass.

And now, for the bottle.

We’re going to do pretty much the exact same process for the wine in the bottle.

Paste the liquid in a new layer.

Invert CTRL+I.

Colorize CTRL+U.

Scale it down to fit the bottle CTRL+T.

Change the Blending option to “Lighten”.

Draw a rectangle using the Rectangular Marquee tool and fill it with the same reds as you did the wine glass.

Change its Blending option to “Hard Light”.

Choose the bottle’s layer and select a shape around the bottom of the wine bottle using the Lasso tool. Colorize CTRL+U, darken and lower the saturation to match the wine colors.

Increase the Levels on the wine in the bottle, and the liquidy layer in the bottle.

You can see we still need to do a little work, but technically we have wine in our glass and bottle now.

Find a good splashing image and do exactly what you did with the other liquids.

Paste in a new layer. Invert the colors CTRL+I. Colorize CTRL+U. Rotate CTRL+T to fit in the top of the wine glass, like it’s splashing out. Match the edge of the splash with the top of the wine.

Adjust the Levels CTRL+L to make the color richer.

Up the Saturation and lower the Lightness CTRL+U.

Use a Soft Round brush with your eraser and erase all of the harsh lines to blend.

Once you have added your text, create a new layer above the wine bottle and glass picture. Color it with a golden brown color, just over the image is fine.

Change the Blending option for the golden brown to “Overlay” and 77% Opacity.

Now that you have done these things, you’ll want to go back through and lower the Opacities on all of the wine layers to make them more subtle. Also, use the Lasso tool and select some of the yellowy areas inside of the bottle and Colorize then CTRL+U a faint wine color for reflection purposes.

Once you’ve tweaked it enough to your liking, you’re done!

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