FCC Launches Tools For Devs

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski and Managing Director Steven VanRoekl have introduced new suite of tools designed to open up FCC data and spur innovation in the public and private sector.

The suite of tools released by the FCC includes a number of APIs that enable communication between independent databases — for use by developers across a broad range of industries, including federal, state, and local government. The FCC also announced the creation of a developer community (http://www.fcc.gov/developer) designed to help drive future releases through feedback and collaboration.

“Today’s announcement marks a major step towards our goal of reimagining the dot gov experience to better serve the 21st-century citizen,” said Chairman Genachowski.

“These new online tools will empower innovators and developers across the country to leverage government data in ways never imagined, creating immense value for the American public. This is an important part of institutionalizing change in government.”

The datasets and tools released by the agency include the results of the FCC Consumer Broadband Speed Test, which has tallied more than 1 million tests taken since the release of the tool in March. The FCC developed and released an API that unlocks the results of those tests and enables citizen developers to repurpose the data in innovative ways.

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By Mike Sachoff

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