Faster Domain Propagation

Have you ever felt like your website was taking forever to get setup correctly?  Are you tired of your friends being able to see your site and you can’t?

Name Servers
Name Servers

Setting up name servers first!

When it comes down to creating a brand new website you want it to be as fast and efficient as possible right?  Many web registrar’s today have the ability to setup nameservers when buying a brand new domain.  This would require you to already have your hosting and getting the name servers from your host. In some cases its best to contact your web host for the latest name servers for your hosting account.

Why not use parked name servers?

The actual real reason one shouldn’t use parked name servers is because it takes a huge amount of time to convert back to your web hosting’s name servers.  Which could take over 24 hours in some cases.

Use this tip to your best benifit, it helps with getting your website online faster and it’s also less time consuming for furture references.

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