Facebook’s Age Restricted Apps Can Now Keep Kids Out

Do you operate an age restricted app or Web site? Do you wish you could use Facebook Login while keeping underage users out? If you answered yes, Facebook has just the thing for you in this week’s Operation Developer Love update.

Facebook announced that Open Graph has now been updated with age range. The feature has been available for apps on Facebook.com for a while now as it helps keep younger users out of content that’s more appropriate for 18 or 21-year-olds. Now those who operate apps and Web sites that use Facebook login can use age range to offer the super convenient Facebook Login feature while keeping children out. For more information on how to implement this feature, check out the documentation.

The Developer Contact Settings has also been updated to allow for configuration of alerts. In short, developers can choose which type of alerts Facebook can send them via email and Facebook notifications. Developers can change begin cutting down on Facebook email spam here.

Finally, Facebook is updating its ad policy to reduce the amount of text on images. The new rule states that text overlays can only take up 20 percent of the image. The reasoning is that Facebook ads should feature “photos and images that are more engaging to users.” The new rule applies to all ads in the news feed as well as Mobile App Install Ads.

In the weekly bug report, 238 bugs were reported and 43 were fixed. Furthermore, 97 bugs were accepted for further review. You can check out the full fix list at the blog post.


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