Facebook Ships New OAuth WRAP Implementation

Facebook has shipped a prototype implementation of the emerging OAuth WRAP specification on FriendFeed. The company says any developers working with RESTful APIs will want to check it out. Facebook’s David Recordon says:

While Facebook Connect and our APIs do not use OAuth today, we’ve been working over the past month to share what we’ve learned with the broader community and shape both the new OAuth WRAP specification and OAuth’s IETF standardization effort. We plan to continue developing OAuth WRAP within the community and incorporate it directly into Facebook Connect next year.

Last month, we joined Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! in announcing our commitment to technologies like OAuth being free to implement by anyone anywhere. Following this announcement we hosted a small summit to go over the current state of the OAuth WRAP specification and start to define a way to make use of OAuth WRAP directly from within JavaScript, like you do today with Facebook Connect. Check out Brian Eaton’s notes from the summit.

FriendFeed offers OAuth WRAP the following endpoints:

  • Authorize URL: https://friendfeed.com/account/wrap/authorize
  • Access Token URL: https://friendfeed.com/account/wrap/access_token

Facebook says it wants your feedback on OAUth WRAP in its current form. There are more details about it here.

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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