Facebook Shares Media-Related Tips

Developers who deal with media – whether that means the output of a single blogger or something like CNN – are in luck.  Following a study of how the top 100 media sites do things, Facebook’s put together a list of tips that should help increase traffic numbers and user engagement.

Implementing the Like button is one simple solution.  As Justin Osofsky explained on the Facebook Developers blog, clickthrough rates tended to increase by between 300 and 500 percent as a result.  A couple of follow-up ideas are then to ask simple questions and encourage users to Like things.

Next, it’s a good idea for developers to implement the Activity Feed and Recommendations social plugins.  Osofsky wrote, “Sites that place plugins above the fold and on multiple pages receive more engagement.  For instance, sites that placed the Activity Feed on both the front and content pages received 2-10x more clicks per user than sites with the plugins on the front page alone.”

Finally, consider creating new sub-pages for time-sensitive events, and Osofsky recommended using the search API to put together some visualizations while you’re at it.

If these approaches are good enough for organizations like the New York Times, they should be able to help out smaller developers and content creators, as well.

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By Doug Caverly

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