Facebook Releases SDK 3.0 For iOS

This week has been huge for developers on Facebook. The company has not only released the full version of the much anticipated SDK 3.0 for iOS, but they have also pushed subscriptions and mobile ads to developers. While not as big as the aforementioned updates, this week’s Operation Developer Love has a few goodies for developers.

The first update this week is the addition of four more metrics to Insights. The four metrics are post_impressions_fan, post_impressions_fan_unique, post_impressions_fan_paid, and post_impressions_fan_paid_unique. For more information on these metrics and Insights as a whole, check out Facebook’s documentation on the matter.

Facebook also announced the breaking changes that will take place on November 7. The first is that Facebook will stop sending payments reporting emails to users on that day. If you want to continue receiving payments reporting, you’re going to have to implement the just announced payments reporting API.

Other November breaking changes include the actor names always matching the access token, notification tables will no longer return pid or aid for photos or albums, and there will be a new permission required to read page mailboxes. For more on these breaking changes, check out Facebook’s post on the matter.

The final change this week isn’t so much a development issue, but rather a policy issue. Facebook has updated their policy to say that nobody can export user data to a competing social network without their permission. They say that they provided the Download Your Information for regular users only. They don’t want developers using the tool for their own ends.

By Zach Walton

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