Facebook Provides 5 Reasons It Rejects Apps for Login

At its f8 developer conference earlier this year, Facebook rolled out Login Review, a part of the app review process, which ensures developers request only permissions that make sense for their apps. This way, users don’t have to feel uncomfortable about sharing too much to connect with one.

On Tuesday, Facebook provided an update on Login Review, saying it has reviewed over 25,000 apps in the past six months, and that on average, apps finish their review in less than a day.

“We’ve found that apps are requesting fewer permissions,” says Facebook’s Andreea Manole. “Since launching Login Review, the average number of permissions that apps request has dropped from an average of 5 permissions to an average of 2. We’ve also found that in many cases, when an app requests fewer permissions, people are more likely to log in to that app. Our goal is to help developers understand the optimal permissions requests for each app, so people are more likely to trust the app and log in.”

The company is sharing the top five reasons apps are getting rejected in Login Review. You can find some best practices here.

Since launching Login Review, Facebook has added the ability for reviewers to upload screenshots and provide error logs to developers so they can get a better understanding of any issues. They’ve also added a “Give Feedback” button to the review interface to give developers a way to share their thoughts on how Facebook is doing itself.

Facebook changed its App Center policies related to image asset requirements. This has increased App Center approval by about 20% in a matter of weeks, according to the company. They’ve also improved several interfaces, including the permissions selector and Status & Review page.

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By Chris Crum

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