Facebook Offers Places To Devs

While many, many privacy issues will no doubt crop up, it’s also hard not to argue that aspects of Facebook Places are cool.  So developers should be glad to hear that it’s been made available to them via the Graph API.

Want to help people find friends who are at the same concert?  Help businesspeople connect at a conference?  Places will let developers do that (and more).

That’s not where things will end, either.  A post on Facebook’s Developer Blog explained, “In the coming months, we will offer additional location features through the Graph API and the Open Graph protocol, including the ability to check in with Facebook through your application and discover places nearby.”

Stuff involving Foursquare, Gowalla, InCrowd, and Yelp is on the menu, too.

Developers just need to be careful to address privacy concerns when possible, since unclear language could make people feel they were misled or even put in danger.  And Facebook’s sure to work hard to protect its reputation from the other end of the situation.

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By Doug Caverly

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