Facebook Explains Update Details

In case you haven’t noticed, a new Facebook design is in the process of being rolled out, and its appearance has some fairly big ramifications for developers.  Fortunately, Facebook laid them all out in a tidy little blog post.

The most important changes relate to dashboards, new navigation, and counters.  With respect to that first subject, Justin Bishop wrote on the Facebook Developers blog, “Now users can navigate to their applications via the dashboards, see news about their experiences with the applications, and discover new applications based on what their friends are using.”

Navigation is significant because users should soon be able to reorder bookmarks that will show up on their homepages.  Finally, Bishop indicated, “You can set a counter for your users (which will appear if they have bookmarked your application), indicating it’s time to come back to the application and take an action.”

Then here’s one other note for the record: Facebook users don’t seem to object to this redesign half as much as they have to others in the past.

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By Doug Caverly

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