Facebook Discusses User ID Use, Misuse

Developers who worry that they’ll be affected by the recent Facebook User ID uproar – or who just want to make sure they’ll never run afoul of the giant social network – would do well to learn how the company’s reacted.  Facebook outlined its response in a blog post late Friday.

Mike Vernal, an engineer who joined Facebook after spending most of six years at Microsoft, started by writing on the Facebook Developer Blog exactly what will and won’t be allowed in terms of information-sharing from now on.

Vernal began, “[O]ur policy will state that UIDs cannot leave your application or any of the infrastructure, code, and services you need to build and run your application.  You can use services, such as Akamai, Amazon Web Services and analytics services as long as those services keep UIDs confidential to your application.”

Later, he continued, “We realize that developers may sometimes need a way to share a unique identifier outside of their application with permitted third parties, such as content partners, advertisers or other service providers.  We are adding a mechanism that developers must use to share anonymous identifiers for this purpose.”

And we’d like to suggest that developers really pay attention to these guidelines, as the developers who accidentally crossed the line the first time around are already facing a six-month suspension of access to Facebook communication channels.  Plus increased scrutiny and formal audits in the future.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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