Facebook Announces Migrations Tool

Facebook understands that developers may not be able to drop everything and prepare a response every time the site makes a change.  Real jobs, food, and sleep sometimes call.  Facebook’s even gone beyond “understanding” to “accommodating,” too, unveiling new Migrations tool.

Justin Bishop explained on the Facebook Developers blog, “Now, when certain changes go live, you can decide whether you want to enable those features and fixes initially, and test each one in a sandbox environment.  Or, if you decide to hold off before trying out a new feature, the Migrations tool lets you disable it for the time being.”

Just as importantly, the tool also works in reverse.  Bishop continued, “In the case of features we deprecate, you can choose to keep the feature enabled for a short time to assist you with the transition.”

This development should go a significant ways towards making developers’ lives easier.  Apps should get better, as well, as developers (and people in general) are more likely to make mistakes when rushed.

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By Doug Caverly

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