Enhance a Photo with Layer Masks and Other Tools

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to use a layer mask to help you create a black and white photo with color very easily.

So download this picture

Open the image in photoshop and duplicate the layer

Now on the top one you duplicated hit the key combination ctrl+shit+u to make the image black and white.

Next add a layer mask to that layer by clicking the layer mask icon at the bottom of your layers palette 3rd icon from the right

or on your top bar in photoshop go to Layer>>Layer Mask>> Reveal All

After you add your layer mask get your brush tool and make sure the color black is chosen and start painting the flower

Paint all that you can with a larger brush and then once you get closer to her face get a smaller brush, zoom in, and paint more detailed.

Also if you end up messing anything up change your foreground color to white and paint back the part you messed up.

You can do the same with other parts of the image. I will make her shirt also stand out…

And then her eyes too… You get the idea…

An easy way to make her eyes stand out even more is to change the color or to just enhance them in general so I will explain an easy way to do that too.

Zoom in really close to her left eye about 400%. Then use your round marquee tool to select around her eye, it doesn’t have to be perfect…

Then move over to the right eye and hold down shift then make select the other eye. Holding down shift will allow you to make multiple selections at the same time.

Now zoom back out and make sure you are on the original color picture layer. Now use the key combination ctrl+u to get your hue/saturation tool out.

Mess around the hue and saturation to get different results.

Well that is it, hopefully that showed you a few easy ways to enhance your photos!

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