Elmah.MVC NuGet Package Released

ELMAH stands for Error Logging Modules And Handlers (ELMAH). As Scott Hanselman puts it, “ELMAH is Tivo for your ASP.NET Errors.” Alexander Beletsky made changes and wrote a how-to on installing it. ELMAH’s recent release on NuGet makes it that much easier.

Atif Aziz developed ELMAH in 2004 under the New BSD License. Since then it has caught a lot of attention and just this week Alexander has created a NuGet package for ELMAH v1.1 to make installing it easier. Installing is as simple as:

PM> Install-Package Elmah.MVC

There are some changes to make still for working with routing administrative pages and there is a known issue.

Darren Cauthon has published a fairly extensive Tutorial on ELMAH which gives a feel for how ELMAH works and what it has to offer. Atif has a diagram of the classes involved on his website which gives an inside look. Atif and Scott Mitchell produced perhaps the most comprehensive article on ELMAH on MSDN.

Scott Hanselman says that ELMAH has been rocking his world since it was released and says “it just works.” Take advantage of the wonderful world of error logs on your ASP site with ELMAH or the like.

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