Editing Videos in Photoshop CS3

First off, I have sold this site. It will be taken over by a company. Now for a cool tutorial I’ll show you how to edit videos and apply cool effects to it!

The video can’t be in .wmv. Now open your video clip in photoshop and bring up the timeline window. Window > Animation. We will be applying some filters.

Step 1, right click on the layer and select – Convert to Smart object

Step 2, Go to Filters > Filter Gallery. Select the “Cutout” filter and edit options to your preference.

Step 3, Click OK and press the play button on your timeline. Should look quite snazzy! Chose other filters to your preference.


In this segment of the tutorial we’ll be apply some adjustment layers! So load your video.

Step 1, Click the adjustment layer button and click on Threshold.

Step 2, Set your options and click OK. Now play the video, looks cool huh? Try some different effects and experiment!

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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