Easy Fix for Gappy Teeth

Find the perfect photo but you don’t like the gappy teeth the person has? This tutorial will show you how easy it is to fix someone’s teeth.

We’re going to take this photo below of this lovely lady and fix her teeth. They look a little too small, and we’re going to fill in the gap.

We’re going to use the Healing Brush Tool a lot, with a little bit of work from the Brush Tool.

Select the Healing Brush Tool in your toolbox, give it a Soft Round brush, on Normal setting, and make sure it’s Sampled.

Resize the brush to about the size of the tooth you are going to fix. Position the brush so it overlaps the gums just a little bit. Hold down ALT on the keyboard and click. This will essentially copy that area, and now when you go to use your brush it will begin at that point every time. If that’s confusing, try clicking around and see what happens, just be sure to undo it all before you continue.

From the point you clicked on the tooth with the Healing Brush, move the cursor straight up above the tooth, click and only color enough for the tooth to become taller.

Repeat this on the other side, and on any other teeth you want to be taller.

Now, using the same method as we did for elongating the teeth, we’re going to widen the teeth. Use a smaller brush size for this one. This will be a little bit trickier as you’re going to have less room to work with. It’s still easy, you’ll just have to be careful.

ALT + click on the side of the tooth.

Slide the mouse over a little and widen the tooth.

You’ll have to do this a couple times to get a better width.

Once you get the shape in there, use the eyedropper tool and pull a lighter color from the tooth. It will probably look like a really pale yellowy color.

You’ll notice that from using the Healing Brush, you’ve created some little subtle lines on the teeth. Use the Brush Tool, with a Soft Round brush, smaller in size and continue to widen the teeth a little and remove those lines you made.

Now the teeth don’t look like they have much space in between them, so use the eyedropper again and pull a darker color from between the teeth.

Use a very tiny Brush Tool size, and lower the Opacity of the brush to about 30%. Now draw the lines in between the teeth a few times over, getting the spaces as dark as you need them.

Go back through and lighten the teeth once more with a lighter color from the teeth and the Brush Tool, softening the lines you just made in between the teeth.

And lastly, make sure any lightening you did didn’t blur out the spaces between the teeth. If so, carefully correct these now.

Tada! Fixed teeth. That was easy!

By Kirin Knapp

Kirin Knapp is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network, publishing company of FlashNewz. A flash animator and illustrator, she is the creator of her home site, Inkdu.com.

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