Easy Ebook Searching

So you don’t have any money?

Who does?  At this time of crisis, just look at the gas prices.  Ebooks are cheaper then regular books, the main problem of the word “ebook” is they are EASY to find on the internet paid or free.  I know some are thinking, paid for free?  Well yeah, people all over the world upload the books they buy for some reason,  its pretty bad for the companies, then again its pretty good for for us web developers.  We could just find one on rapidshare or some other website simply using this website:


How does it work?

Well it’s pretty simple, you insert the ebook name or if anything else you want in the search bar.  Submit and it’ll bring up great results for your search term.

Where can I find some development ebooks?

Well there are a lot of sites, here is a list from apress.com


This is for learning purposes,  if its on the internet, pretty much its free to use.  I don’t have any responsibilities of who/or what the uses for this site in any way.  Many of the files are stored on file hosting like rapidshare.  Have a problem? Take it up with the owners that are hosting the files.

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