Easy Cyborg in Photoshop

This easy tutorial will show you some ways to use simple tools to blend in images to make someone look like a cyborg.

First I will use this picture of a woman’s face.

Then I will copy a part of rust off of this picture and put it on her face. I will make it black and white first by using the keyboard shorcut ctrl+shift+u.

Change its blending mode to darken and use a soft brush to erase around the edges to blend it in better.

Next I will add the circuit look by using this picture of a circuit board.

Drag it in the document and size it down over the rust.

With the circuitboard layer selected hold down ctrl and click on the preview icon beside the rust layer. This will make an outline in the shape of the rust layer.

Cut and paste the selection of the circuit board back in and use a soft eraser brush to blend in the edges. Set its opacity at 63%.

Then use those same steps to do the same on other parts of her face and shoulders.

I used a different picture of a blue circuit board for the part on her head and nose.

Next make a selection around her left eye and copy and paste it back in the document.

Then I will put a small lens in her eye from a camera picture

Put that layer behind the eye layer you just made.

Then with the eye layer use the hue/saturation tool to make it a bright blue color.

Then set the eye layer on color dodge as the blending mode

Do the same thing with the other eye and thats it!

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