How to Draw Bender from Futurama

In this tutorial we’re going to learn, step-by-step, how to draw Bender from Futurama in Photoshop. Bender is possibly one of the best cartoon characters of all time, and since Futurama is coming back in 2008, we though it would be a great time to learn how to draw this king of robots.

Photoshop Bender Tutorial

So to get started, lets create a new document, with a height of 440 and a width of 300. We’re going to start by making the head, so from the tool bar choose the Pen tool and then create a new path called ‘head’.

Zoom in to 200% magnification and create 2 points and drag the directional line (the straight line) to make a curve.

Press down on the pen tool in the tool bar, and select the convert point tool. When you create a curve with the pen tool, the next point you create after it will be affected by the curve. To prevent this from happening, drag the right hand segment towards the center.

Next, we’re going to create some parts of the face that will require you to zoom in to around 1600%.

Start off by creating the small curve, and then shorten the directional line, as we did previously.

Continue to create the path, as shown below.

You should end up with a path like this:

Photoshop Bender Tutorial

Add another small curve at 1600%.

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