Drag Me to Hell Demonic Invasion

Here we’re going to take a stock photo of a woman sleeping and completely transform the mood of the scene by recreating the demon invasion in the new horror film, Drag Me to Hell.

The following is the unaltered photo of a lady snoozin.

Then I found this great illustration of the goat demon Lamia. I’m skeered already.

Goto Image>Adjustments>Desaturate. Then hit Ctrl+L to open the Levels and use these settings to pull out the blacks.

There might be a few more grays left, but if you pull the areas too black then you start creating some dark artifacts in the white area. So I’d suggest you just paint in the black manually with the pencil or lasso fills.

You can use the Polygon Lasso Tool to select the demon figure and copy/paste him into the picture of the sleeping lady.

Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal flips the figure to face the other side. You can select the arm with the Lasso Tool and hit Ctrl+T to grow it larger to loom over the woman. Hold down Ctrl while pulling on the corners to skew the points into different directions.

Set the Layer Blending Mode to “Multiply”. And set the opacity to 50%. Use the Eraser Tool on a large setting and lightly brush away the bottom. It should really start looking like a shadow demon now.

Right click the shadow layer Duplicate Layer. Use the Magic Wand Tool and click the demon and fill in with a dark brown. The brown color will help match the shadows in the scene. Erase away the bottom of this shape as well to blend.

Set this layer to Multiply as well and pull the opacity down to 30%.

Goto Filter>Texture>Grain with these settings to achieve a film grain.

You can pull the saturation down to also help give it a film quality.

At this point the Levels (Ctrl+L) were blown out to give the colors a more uneasy feeling with the evil looming presence.

I added a logo and some more bed sheets to help balance the composition a bit more.

Click to Enlarge.

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