Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen

Example of tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to turn a bald man into Dr. Manhattan.

To get started you’ll need to fine a Mr. Clean-esque photo of a man.


Once you’ve obtained said photo Click on the Quick Mask Icon, be sure to have your background and foreground colors set to black & white. With black selected begin covering all the skin areas, until they’re all read like below.

Bald man blushing

Now that you have one red bald man simply hit “Q” to select your area. Now hit CTRL+SHIFT+I at the same time to reverse your selection area.

Ants on his face

Now it’s time to change the skin color, hit CTRL+B to bring up the Color Balance window. Play around with the shadows, midtones, and highlights until you’ve reached your desired blue color.

Once your satisfied with your outcome hit CTRL+D to deselect your area.

Now its time to paint out the eyes… as you can imagine this is as easy as it sounds… just paint out the eyes with white. After your done with that select the paintbrush and begin to paint under the eyes with black until you get a thick line.

Windows to the soul

Now it’s time for the um… circle thing on this forehead. Select the Ellipse tool and draw a black circle. Double click on that layer to bring up the layer style, once you have that give the circle you just drew a decent size black border and click ok. Now on your layers window set the Fill to 0%, which should leave you with just a black ring. Proceed to draw two more black circles with the Ellipse tool, but this time leave them filled. Place one in the middle of the ring, and the other directly above it on the ring.

He did it to himself

Essentially you’re done at this point. For the finished example below I’ve placed Dr. Manhattan on a New York City background… as this is where the movie takes place.

Who Watches the Watchmen?

By Jeremy Muncy

Jeremy Muncy is a staff writer for WebProNews.com

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