Don't be a Laggard! Explore ASP .NET 4.0

It’s been more than half a year since the release of ASP .NET 4.0. Following the diffusion of innovations model, we’re likely way past the Innovators and Early Adopters. The question, is, how much of the Early Majority has begun using ASP .NET 4.0, and how much longer until your delayed use of Four-point-oh will put you in the category of "Laggard"? Well, if the simple joy of a higher number at the front of your software version does not lure you to upgrade (good for you – we’re not all that strong), ASP .NET experts Kevin Hoffman and Nate Dudek were interviewed by about some of these new features of ASP .NET 4.

Dudek cites right off the bat that Visual Studio 2010 is huge piece of the upgrading motivation formula, calling it "the best version of the product yet." For a more ASP .NET specific reasoning, the web.config files have been restructured to be easier to read and maintain. Overall, ASP. NET 4.0 is much better about complying with W3C HTML and CSS standards. Inline CSS has been minimized, if not eliminated altogether. Tables are now optional for certain controls like Menu and FormView, where previously they always rendered. All these, and other, improvements make ASP .NET a much more standards friendly language.

Another major improvement comes from the new URL routing in 4.0. Many developers currently use Web Forms and/or MVC for the majority, if not all, of their ASP .NET projects. Thus, URL routing in ASP .NET is nothing new. However, the inclusion of URL routing directly in ASP .NET 4.0 brings these two frameworks together in this functionality, and offers that same functionality to other ASP .NET developers choosing not to utilize MVC or Web Forms.

Have you upgraded to ASP .NET 4.0? What has your experience been? Add to the conversation, and post your comments here.

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By Michael Marr

Michael Marr is a staff writer for WebProNews

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