DLO Surface Shield iPhone 3G Review

If you’re looking for a bargain on a screen cover for your iPhone 3G and you have 4 friends who want in, its darn near impossible to beat the deal that DLO is offering on their Surface Shield screen protectors.

DLO Surface Shield iPhone 3G

For a grand total of $14.99, you get a 5 pack of anti-glare screen protectors. A little mathematics brings us to the conclusion that you’re going to be running $3 per screen if you break the pack up. Money isn’t the only factor in play though, its just the beginning – the Surface Shield is actually an excellent product – even if it cost $15 for just one. The application process is very easy (comes with adhesive backing so you just place it on) and if you’re not quite on with the screen positioning, you can pull it off and adjust it without any consequence – it stays sticky. Just make sure your screen is clean and you don’t get any dust or hairs while you’re putting it on and it goes on great.

They’re anti glare shields – and they live up to their name. In direct window light, they cut down on bright shiny reflections, big time.

DLO iPhone 3G Skin

Some people prefer the unskinned, glossy surface of the naked iPhone but I personally love the texture and look that the anti-glare skin gives. It cuts down on the saturation a tiny bit, but it still looks great and in most cases, better than without the shield because you can actually see it when you’ve got sun or bright light overhead.

I recommend the DLO Surface Shield on the basis of cost and quality. Price to performance relationship is unbeatable and its an excellent product to begin with. If you can round up a couple buddies to split the bulk pack up with, it costs almost nothing but even if you’re just keeping them as spares, its an excellent value.

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