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Scrapbooks are personal, and usually made at home by you or someone you know. For my picture to look more like that, I didn’t make things exactly straight and even. I only centered the main couple pictures and the rest are a little off just like they would be if I were making it out of scratch pieces at home.

Be sure to save along the way, you don’t want to lose any of your hard work.

Here are the types of images I looked for: hearts, flower patters, shells, butterflies, and just designs and patterns. Try to keep an open mind and remember that not everything has to be exactly what it seems. For example, one of my images came from a purse image that I cropped.

Remember, you might have to rearrange and play with your pictures once you complete more steps. which is why we put all things on new layers.

Start with the main image of your background and place it in the center.

Add anything else to your main background but on a new layer. In my case, I wanted the pink flowered image in the center with the stripes as the edges. I had to use the stripe picture several times to achieve the full effect.

Next I use the image that I wanted my actual photo to be on, in my case, it was a sheet of crumpled paper. I rotated it, placed it in the center, and adjusted the hue/saturation to make it darker. Here are the settings I used and the color my paper ended up being:

Next step, actually adding the photo. Since my picture had a beach background, I had a hard time deciding whether to keep the background or not. So I compromised. I cut the girl out using the magic wand tool and the eraser. I placed her where I wanted her, in the middle but a little to the side.

After that, for more of an effect than if I had just kept the background, I pulled the beach image over again and I made this one smaller. I didn’t cut out the girl this time, I just hid her under the actual image of the girl I was using. I put the beach behind her, and centered it in the middle of the full picture.

I also added some lace around the border of the brown paper. I turned my lace from a pinkish-peach color to grey by changing the hue and saturation:

Next up is the fun part. I started adding all my different images I picked out. If they were an object, like the shells, I cropped them out, using the magic wand tool to just get rid of the white background. Keep in mind, nothing is final. It might take you a few tries to play around with the images and decide where to put them.

I’m not going to show you every step of adding the images because you will see them all at the end. 🙂

Some of my images I used twice. I did however, put them on opposite sides. I think it is good to use repeating images to give it some unity.

Once you have your images, start adding some effects. On almost every image of mine, I added a drop shadow that was between 40 and 70% opacity. For the shell in the top left corner, I reduced its total opacity to about 76% and I used another image I liked behind it. The layers and drop shadows give the picture more character I think. Also, keep a few images straight and rotate some of them on an angle. This makes it more interesting to look at.

One of the last things I did was add bubbles on the right and left sides of the beach image. You can download some bubble brushes simply by searching Google or you can just go here: I used some of the bubbles from there and I also created a few of my own.

This is how I did it: Take your elliptical marquee tool and draw a circle. Next, go to Blending Options, and click gradient overlay. Choose the Spectrum colors. This will give you your main colors, but you will want to take out the few dark reds and blues in there. You should be left with:

and I added white FFFFFF.

Next, apply a Drop Shadow, an Inner Shadow, and Bevel. You can just leave them at their default settings or change them to your liking. You can of course make the bubbles whatever size you wish. Next, reduce the opacity to 20%. You can duplicate your bubble many times and place them wherever you want.

Like I said, I made my own and I used some pre-made bubbles just so they wouldn’t all be the same. I placed a group of them on the left, and a group on the right. Just adds a nice little touch.

Ok, last thing. I wanted to put her name. Of course, you can do whatever you want if you add text but the font I used was CaslonOldFace BT, in a really dark brown, #402922. For the little image behind the text, I used some of the background of the heart picture I used. I just cropped out a section big enough for the name, and reduced the opacity to 85% because I wanted some of the background showing through.

Once I have everything I want, I not only save the psd file, but then I go to Layer > Flatten Image.

Then, I saved for the web as a jpg. Once I did this part, I put a border around it by opening a new document, a little bigger than the one I was just working on, and I pulled my final jpg over. Next, I went to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke. I used these settings:

This was my border color: #FAA9AF. I picked a color that came out of the stripes I added in the beginning. I wanted a border but not one that stood out too much.

And there you have it! 🙂

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