Developers Prepping For Impending Release of Android 3.0

Many developers have been able to take a sneak peak at the development kit for Android 3.0, a.k.a. Honeycomb. The platform is for tablet computers, with the Honeycomb powered ones preparing to hit the market soon. While a select amount of developers have already tried Honeycomb, the official release hasn’t occurred yet.We now have only a few weeks to go.

Honeycomb is expected to bring some interesting features to tablet computing. Most notable is the updated web browser, and advanced keyboard. Upon the official release, developers will be able to unleash their creations on the Android market.

Tablet computers are expected to make a huge push this year, with the iPad 2 suspected to release. Almost all the other tablets will be powered by Honeycomb; we know of Motorola and AsusTek as two of the primary manufacturers.

Many features available with Honeycomb aren’t available on the iPad. The biggest feature is the ability to connect a keyboard through a USB connection. There will be tabbed browsing with the native client; a feature desktop users enjoy.

One company who is already poised to bring a unique interface to Honeycomb is YouTube. They are going to display the videos in a 3D-esque browsing interface.

Tablets are unique in the sense that they aren’t as mobile as a cell phone, but lack many features found on a laptop and desktop. While many have put the tablet in a “no man’s land” state of being, their hype continues to grow.

Developers take notice. Tablet based development is similar to many various styles of programming, while being completely different at the same time. It’s not easy – but if consumer hype continues to swell, then it will be impossible to ignore. With Honeycomb still off the market, now might be a time to try and get a step ahead.

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