Developers' Job Prospects Described As "Bright"

The economy may or may not be safe from a second official recession, and even if it is, there’s no guarantee things will pick right back up.  However, there’s encouraging news for developers today as Ann All collected several signs that their job opportunities will remain plentiful.

For starters, All wrote, “Last month when I interviewed Tom Silver, Dice’s SVP for North America, he told me software developer had landed in the No. 3 spot of his company’s list of the top 10 in-demand tech skills . . . .  The general developer position and the C# programming language, which came in at No. 9, bumped perennial favorites virtualization and project management out of the top 10.  Also on the list were the Java/J2EE development platform at No. 1 and the .NET development framework at No. 6.”

Then All added, “Software development was well represented on a list of 20 hottest tech skills, also provided by Dice and based on skills that saw big jumps in demand in job listings from March 2009 to March of this year.”

Finally, All wrote, “Software engineer (developer by another name) is on a list of top IT jobs for 2010 and beyond on the website of IT training specialist Global Knowledge.”

So it looks like developers shouldn’t have too much trouble drawing a paycheck, and given the latest unemployment numbers, that’s saying a lot these days.

By Doug Caverly

Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.

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