Developers Excited About iPad

Developers who intend to create apps for the iPad had better prepare for a whole lot of competition.  Surveys and blog posts indicate that all sorts of people have taken a liking to the big tablet, and a whole lot of professionals will try to meet their needs.

You could interpret this as a good thing; Apple appears to have put a relatively solid product, and not some crippled thing that will do developers no favors.  Better to be given the best possible materials and starting point when showing off your skills, after all.

Competition will likely be fierce, though.  Gregg Keizer talked to Scott Schwarzhoff, Appcelerator’s head of marketing, and wrote afterward, “Of the 550 developers surveyed by Appcelerator, nine out of 10 said they plan on creating an Apple tablet application in the next year.”

Joe Hewitt, the developer who somewhat gave up on Apple while trying to develop Facebook apps, also gave the iPad a very positive write-up yesterday.

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By Doug Caverly

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