Developers Critical Of CA Game Law

The International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) is speaking out against California’s law to censor video games, which is set to go before the U.S. Supreme Court in the fall.

The IGDA says the case of California’s Schwarzenegger v. Video Software Dealers Association, is oppressive censorship that singles out one form of expression based on only popular myth and biased research.

“Video games are at the heart of technical and artistic innovation,” said IGDA Chair Gordon Bellamy.

“Singling out games from other media is not only unconstitutional, according to courts throughout the country, but it also stigmatizes a leading industry in our economy that’s embraced by millions in all walks of life.”

The IGDA said it is fully committed to disclosure and an informed public, and supports the video game rating system, reviews of games prior to their release, and content warnings on packaging.

By Mike Sachoff

Mike is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest ebusiness news.

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