Developers Can Now Sell Their HTML5 Apps On The Amazon Appstore

HTML5 is the future, or so says open Web proponents. Everything you can do in native code on Android or iOS, they claim you can do in HTML5. While that may be true, you couldn’t make money with a HTML5 app on the Amazon Appstore until today.

Amazon announced this morning that HTML5 app developers can now resubmit their Web apps to the Amazon Appstore today and charge for it. Previously, all Web apps were required to be free before being allowed on the Appstore. There’s no reason stated behind the policy change, but it’s most likely due to Amazon seeing some success with Web apps on its Appstore.

So, how does this all work? If you’re new to the Amazon Appstore, you simply need to name a price on the “Availability & Pricing” tab under their Developer Account. After doing so, just hit publish. For those who already have a published HTML5 app on the Amazon Appstore, you need to name a price on the “Availability & Pricing” tab. After doing so, your app will now have a price attached to it on the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon also announced this morning that HTML5 apps are now eligible for the Free App of the Day promotion. It’s been shown in the past that being part of the Free App of the Day promotion helps increase sales of your app over time so HTML5 app developers looking for extra sales will want to let Amazon know they’re interested.

If this news has you wanting to start building HTML5 apps for the Amazon Appstore, you’ll want to start your journey here.


By Zach Walton

Zach Walton is a Writer for WebProNews. He specializes in gaming and technology. Google+

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