Developer Protests "iPhone Obsession"

It seems like many – or even the majority – of people who access the Web while on the move use iPhones.  It makes sense, then, for Web developers to devote lots of energy to accommodating those devices.  But one developer (very strongly) feels that everyone’s spending a little too much time doting upon them.

Ignoring everything other than the iPhone amounts to ignoring a huge potential user base, according to Peter-Paul Koch.  “Show you can look further than just the latest fad and see the mobile web in its entirety,” he encouraged readers in a recent blog post titled “The iPhone obsession.”

And Koch went a bit beyond mere “encouragement,” with some pretty lively language making an appearance, too.  He argued, “The iPhone has become an obsession.  If we don’t pay attention, we’ll have a mobile web that only works on the iPhone.  And then we’ll have the real mobile web that wasn’t made by us and doesn’t give a shit about web standards and best practices.”

His points are certainly worth thinking about.  People who love the iPhone (along with people who dislike it) may also be interested to know that Koch managed to draw some parallels between it and IE6.

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By Doug Caverly

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