Dev Tip – 10 Must Have Docs For Getting Started With iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Mapping Apps

Creating Location Aware Apps and Mapping Apps for Apple iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 – Here’s 10 Must have documents for developers looking to migrate to iOS 6 or those looking to get started creating location-aware apps and services for the iPhone 5.

  1. Creating apps for iOS 6
    Here’s the official checklist from the Apple Dev Center – documents, guidelines, tools and more are all found here.
  2. iOS dev library – What’s new in iOS 6
    A comprehensive document from Apple
  3. What’s new and What’s Different?
    This is answered in detail in the document titled, iOS 5.1 to iOS 6.0 API Differences
  4. iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 6
    Stay informed of bug issues and other known tidbits in these notes and SDK updates
  5. Location Awareness Programming Guide
    A complete getting started guide on making your Apple maps and apps location-aware. For information about how to provide directions from your app, or how to use the Maps app to display directions
  6. Core Location Framework Reference. 
    For information about the classes of the Core Location framework
  7. For information about the classes of the Map Kit framework 
    The Map Kit framework provides an interface for embedding maps directly into your own windows and views. This framework also provides support for annotating the map, adding overlays, and performing reverse-geocoding lookups to determine placemark information for a given map coordinate.
  8. Social Framework Reference.
    The Social framework lets you integrate your app with supported social networking services
  9. Apple Store Kit Framework Reference. 
    The Store Kit framework (StoreKit.framework) now supports the purchasing of iTunes content inside your app and provides support for having downloadable content hosted on Apple servers.
  10. Core Location Framework Reference 
    The Core Location framework lets you determine the current location or heading associated with a device
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