Dev Sees Xbox "Storage Problem

Something that PS3 owners have long held over their Xbox 360-using friends and acquaintances is becoming a bigger and bigger deal.  A developer behind of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has identified the Xbox’s lack of Blu-ray as a “storage problem.”

It turns out that the PS3 version of the new Castlevania game will fit on a single disc.  The Xbox version, meanwhile, will have to be on two discs because of the smaller storage capacity of DVDs compared to Blu-rays.

Mercury Steam chief Dave Cox also told Tim Ingham, “I think it’s something Microsoft are going to experience more and more – that they need to help developers overcome the storage problem.”

Of course, a person can argue that this isn’t a huge deal.  Many old PC games came on multiple discs and were popular nonetheless.  The Baldur’s Gate series remains a personal favorite even though it was sometimes necessary to switch CDs every few minutes.

Still, this gives the PS3 a slight edge over the Xbox, and as close as the console wars have been at times, that’s not good news for developers who support Microsoft’s camp.

By Doug Caverly

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