Designing A Successful Website

Success is always measured financially and in this recession times many big corporate went bankrupt and so there is a common misconception today that all or most websites are unprofitable and will not make their owners money but thats not true. If somebody too large to fail, failed does not mean you cannot be successful and vice-versa. In this article I have discussed about how you can make better websites and in turn make more money from them giving examples of my own experiences and mistakes I did which should be avoided.

Where you can make money

I have seen on many forums like sitepoint / digitalpoint where people ask about high paying niche and they think money can be made only in high paying niche but actually that’s the biggest myth. The most important thing is not in which niche money can be made but the most important thing is in which niche you can make money.

Consider the following examples.

Money can be made by selling water bottles but can you make money out of it. My answer would be no because if you even pack the bottle yourself and sell it you can hardly sell couple of them daily making absolutely no money and so this proves what I meant when I said that its not important where money can be made but its more important that you know where you can make money.

Consider one more practical example of mine. If you know me personally you may be aware that I own Go4Expert Forum but that is not the first website I tried my hands on. I personally started with and the reason I started because I saw lots of money could be made if I have site like Elance where developers and buyers just pay me money doing nothing. I was wrong and having a job I could not work on enhancing the website as well as work on things needed to maintain it and though I still own the website its almost dead now.

So its important to understand where can you make money. Whether its be blog / forum / e-commerce website or some custom and not that where people are making money.

Selecting the right Niche

Now you have selected the right platform where you can make some money the next important thing to note is you should select the right niche. Say if you have a forum / blog where you cannot contribute good amount of research into it then it would not have good readership. For your forum / blog to flourish you should be able to connect with your users directly and your expertise in the area should be felt. You are reading this article this down further not because you like my style of collecting words but you are somehow able to connect to what I am saying.

I would give one more example on selecting niche. was a Programming Blog I acquired from one of the fellow members but then it could not get my attention because whatever topic I choose it just fits well on Go4Expert and so this blog was not well updated for quite some time but now when I have the right niche which if I opted on my forum it would be a complete spam with all the people bluffing about how to make money online and so I opted to make this blog on how to make money online doing programming work and the ball kept rolling now.

Converting Visitors to Users and Customers

You have selected the best niche in which you think you can make good money out of it. What next. The next thing you should be concentrating on is how to convert the visitors of your website into users and customers. No matter how many visitors you get on your blog the most important thing for you to survive is to convert that visitors into a regular visitor of your site and ultimate make him your user and probably a customer.

You may have visited numerous sites before visiting this one today itself and if you start making a lits of them you would see that you missed many from the list. If you do not believe check your browser history and satisfy yourself. So if you put yourself in the shoes of your visitors its important to make him register with your website so he does not forget your website when creating the list of sites he visited. He should not be forced to do it but then it should not be in one corner where user cannot find how to be a member as well.


By Shabbir Bhimani

Shabbir Bhimani is a developer in the field of Applications, web as well as database designing for more than 5 years now and is devoted to the optimization and usability of the code. Shabbir shares his development experience through his blog Code It Well and is an active member of Programming and web development forum.

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