Design Generation – Large Art Tutorial

In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial you will be taken through a walkthrough of the large art piece, Design Generation, which can be seen below:

Design Generation Photoshop Tutorial

Find a magazine, look for a cool model or something, and scan him in.

Then take the Pen Tool and draw around him.

Now take the scanned layer of him, then ctrl+left click on the Pen Tool layer, go to Select > Inverse and press Delete. Now remove the vector layer.

After that, you make a new layer, below the one of his cutout, then you take the polygon tool, and draw in white roughly around him. Add drop shadow.

Now, you listen carefully. Take the same magazine, find some pages with funny or cool details. Preferrably recognizable things on them like.. people or some. And tear it apart. Put the scissor somewhere dark xD – tear it. Scan it in, and put it like i did

Take the layer of him, copy & resize it so he becomes his own minime, then take a softbrush, and brush him, so he kind of blends with the pages you put in.

Now, find some paper, get a pen and draw 4 clouds. 2 of them will be used later on. The 2 first, you make the same trick with the white around, as before. Put drop shadow on.

Add whatever text you think fits your piece. Then go to brightness/contrast and apply these settings:

Now, this is where you break off this tut, and make it your own
style, but i will lead you some of the way of what you can do.

Go to this tool

…and find some cool shapes that fit your large art piece. You can draw a lot of shapes, or no shapes or make some yourself with the pentool.

Now, remember i said we would use the two other clouds later on? Well, you just put them in – make some dots with a brush to make it look like rain – and you’re done.

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