Design a Custom RSS Cube

Who can ever gets enough of RSS icons? I know I can’t so I thought of an idea for making a unique RSS icon.. I thought I would write this tutorial and share this technique so maybe you can come up with some unique ones for your site.

First I am going to start off with a 250X250px canvas with a white background.

Now I will show you a quick way to make a cube in photoshop. I am using version 7 but I am sure the technique will be close to the same. So start a new layer then

Go to filter>>render>>3d transform

When in this screen choose these settings and make a cube that looks like this:

Also in options uncheck, “Display Background

Now on your canvas you should have something like this:

So I know you are saying this isn’t a cube, well it will be after a few more steps. We could have rotated the cube we made in the 3d Transformation mode and made it look 3d but I want to make it look different.

The first thing to do is make a new layer of course, then choose a regular 5px white brush and these shape dynamics in your brush options:

BaSically we are just using fade.

Now that we have the brush ready I am going to add a few guides to the canvas. To do this I am going to activate the rulers by going to view>>rulers.

Now with rulers in place if you click on the ruler at the top and drag downward a guide will come down. The same thing will happen if you click on the left ruler and drag across.

So put 2 guides like this:

Ok now that you have done that get your pen tool

The pen tool is why we chose the brush options a while ago. With your pen tool chosen click in the middle, where the 2 guides meet

Now click at the very bottom of your block straight under your last click

Next, right click with a windows mouse on the line you just made and click stroke path on the little popup

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