Day and Night Photo Collage

I am going to show you how to turn an average landscape into an amazing fantasy dream world. This tutorial is for all skill levels and you can make a great piece of art to display anywhere.

Stock Images used for this collage:

We begin our collage with a beautiful sunset landscape for the background. We can get rid of the unnecessary bottom of the picture, by using the Crop tool.

We are going to create the effect of a reflection, so we need to make the image height taller. Open the Image menu in the Taskbar then select Canvas Size. Once we double the size we will move the Image up to fit in the reflection.

Now Select the background layer and duplicate it. Go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Slide the reflection down to match up the images.

On your new Reflection layer we need to adjust the color to make it look like water. Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Make sure to select the Colorize Check Box.

Now we are going to add a little more depth and color to the picture. Grab your image of the African Sunset and lay it on top of you Yellow background image.

To blend the two images we will use the eraser tool set at a low opacity and using a feathered round brush. Its ok if you can see the tree poking through we will be adding that back in later.

Next you select the bottom ground section of the background and duplicate it on top. Now remove some of that to reveal the horizon line and the silhouette of the animals.

Now we can add the tree back by carefully selecting around the tree branches and copying it to the top.

Lets blend the top half with the bottom, by creating a new layer and using a feathered brush with black paint. Merge the two layers until you cant notice the line. Or you can use the Burn tool to get the same effect.

Next Adjust the Contrast to get those colors to pop and to get rid of any pixilation. Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast.

Now we need to improve he look of the sky, it is now a little distorted after all the changes we made. Flatten the image and Duplicate the Layer. Then in the menu bar select: Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

Lower the Opacity down to about 40%.

To sharpen up the tree line, use the Eraser Tool to slowly clear up the picture. Now your sky should look amazing.

Now to add a little more drama to the sky we are going to use some cloud pictures to really make the picture pop. Make sure the picture covers the whole sky.

Change the blending option to Overlay.

Lower the Opacity to 40% and the fill also to 40%. This will really make it blend and look more natural.

Now do the same for the other skyline, but with a different cloud picture so it look like it reflecting underneath the clouds. So now you have a gorgeous sky with dramatic clouds.

Next I am going to add a soaring eagle to the picture. To match the picture better turn the contrast all the way down so it looks like a silhouette.

We are now done with the top for now. Lets get started on the fun part the space fantasy dimension.

First lets add some nice stars. Select white paint and a small 1 pt brush. Randomly draw dots but try not to go over board or it will look cluttered. On one or two of the dots, draw a few on top of each other to make a big bright North Star.

Select a new brush shaped like a star and highlight those bigger stars to give it that “twinkle, twinkle little star” look.

In the alternate world that eagle is actually a dove. So place a dove picture in and flip it vertically. Position it in the same spot as the eagle but at the bottom. Turn the opacity down to fade the image to make it not so strong, around 70%.

Next we will reflect the sun with a picture of a moon. Position it close to the same spot in the center of the picture. Now we delete the overlap by selecting the black in the background then going to the moon layer and delete the selection. Move the blending option to screen and turn down the opacity.

Lets add some more outer space items. Put in a planet and place it wherever you feel it looks the best. Put that screen blending option and turn down the opacity too.

On the smaller planet I tried to make it look like it was behind that cloud by feathering off the half that the cloud touches.

And for fun I threw in a picture of a shooting star. You can create one your self. Also do the same as with the other planets but lets use the Dodge Tool to brighten up the highlights on the stars and the moon.

Next step lets add some ripples to the water. This is achieved by drawing horizontal lines across the picture. They don’t have to be perfectly straight.

Now go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur.

Now we are going to flatten the whole image and add some more effects. Duplicate the layer so we can dull whatever we do with out affecting the picture. Use the burn tool to add some richer color to the picture and make the corners darker.

We can now add the halo effect to the objects in space. You can do this by using the dodge tool to brighten the highlights. Turn the exposure down and use a large feathered brush.

I think that’s it. I hope yours turned out great! Come and check out more Tutorials at

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