Cybercom Joins Linux Foundation

A company with about 1,800 employees and 25 offices in 10 countries is now a member of the Linux Foundation.  Cybercom joined the organization this week, helping to reaffirm the importance of Linux and promising to contribute some resources.

A little background information on Cybercom: it’s considered a consultancy, and deals in integrated software solutions.  More specifically, it deals with mobile phone manufacturers, firms in the telecom industry, silicon vendors, and members of the automotive industry.

As for what Cybercom will do for the Linux Foundation, it intends to contribute to the MeeGo ARM and IVI Ux reference designs.

Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer programs at the Linux Foundation, stated as a result, “The company’s global reach and understanding of the telecommunications industry in different regional markets will benefit the Linux operating system and The Linux Foundation’s membership.”

Lassi Korjonen, CTO of Cybercom, agreed, “We understand the value of community collaboration and look forward to advancing Linux on behalf of our clients and within the telecom market.  The Linux Foundation provides the industry with an ideal forum in which that collaboration can be accelerated and maximized.”

Let’s hope this development leads to more companies following Cybercom’s example and joining the Linux Foundation.

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By Doug Caverly

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