Crisp 3D Avatar

This tutorial will show you how to make an easy but great looking abstract avatar. This tutorial also goes into details about finding good renderings and making them modifying them so that they will blend into other mediums better.

First choose your size. I picked 120x120pixels.

First thing I think you should do is find a abstract render so that you know what color to make the background so look for one. There are many places you can get them from
Such as DeviantArt.

Once you have chosen one you can now start. I picked a render that I had made.

Using the Eye Dropper tool.

Click on a part of the render that you would work well as the background.

Then right click the layer with the color you just added and go to Blending Options and go to Bevel and Emboss and add the following.

Next add the render like so.

Duplicate it and add a Gaussian Blur on the bottom render layer.

Then duplicate the top layer. And add a Gaussian Blur and desaturate it.

And set the layer to Lighten.

Now duplicate it once again and on the bottom add a Motion Blur.

And you are done.

My final result.

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