Creative Design: Head Stuck in Fish Bowl

In this interesting photoshp tutorial I will show you how to take 2 pictures and integrate them into one seamless image.

First Download these 2 images:

First open the image of the guy and place the fishbowl over top of his face

Erase the excess white space around the fishbowl using any method you want

Now zoom in and copy both of the fish out of the image with the pen tool or even your marquee tools. I will use the pen tool to make a selection around them.

Once you do that copy and paste them back in the image and hide them.

Then we I will get rid of the fish out of the original fishbowl image by using the clone stamp tool

I am going to use a 13px soft brush and to use the clone stamp tool hold down alt and click a spot on the image behind the fish then paint it away. Just do that over and over until they are gone.

Here is what I got after I removed them

Next I will cut the water out of the fishbowl with the pen tool. So make a selection around it like so

Cut and paste the water back in the image and set it to multiply in the blending mode

Now you should have something like this

Now unhide the fish and erase around them with a soft brusht to blend them back into the picture.

Now all that is left is to make some water bubbles coming out of his mouth.

So use your elliptical marquee tool and hold down shift and make some round selections like this

Holding down shift allows you to make multiple selections.

Then fill them with the color black.

Right click on your bubbles layer and click “layer options”

In your first setting set it to lighten:

Bevel and Emboss

Drop Shadow

And now I am done!

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