Creating Starscream (Jet Mode)

Today I will be showing you how to create Starscream Generation 1.

First Start by searching for the Jet to use for Starscream. Starscream was an F-15 Eagle. If you don’t want to go searching for your own to create you can use the one I did. Click here to download the Jet.

Next Open the file in PhotoShop Using the pen tool cut the Jet from the rest of the background. Once You are satisfied with the selection go ahead and cut it to a new layer. Now go to Image > Adjustments > De saturate or CTRL+Shift+U.

Make a New layer and Fill it with #5a5353. Now hold Alt and Click between the to layers to make a mask. Set the over laid layer to “Color Dodge”

Now Comes the fun part. For those of you who remember Starscream had his own specific coloring so we are going to recreate it.

Let’s Start with the cockpit. Grab your pen tool and make a selection of the cockpit. Then go to the Path Palette and CTRL+Click on the Work path. Go back to you layer palette and make a new layer. Fill the selection with #eed364. Finally Set the layer fill to 70% and the Blend to Multiply.

Next Make a new layer. This time select #193680 as your foreground color. Now Make a selection of the Tip of the jet nose just like you did before with the cockpit. Fill that selection with #193680. If you colored outside the jet it is fine Simply CTRL+Click the jet layer and cut out the portion you need. Set the Layer fill to 30% and the Blend Mode to Hard Light.

Again make a new layer. This time we are going to add lighter blue section of Starscream. Grab your pen tool and make selections of the rear wings, the left dorsal Wing, both Jet exhausts, The entire nose of the jet, and small rings on the larger missiles. Use the screenshot below for a better visual:

With the selection made fill with #3a63ca. Set the layer fill to 80% and the Blend to Multiply.

Now we are going to add the red markings. So make a new layer again grab the pen tool and Make Selection of the Jet Intakes, Thin selections on the wings, and ¾ of the front right Dorsal wing. Use the screenshot below for a better visual:

Now Select #ff0000 as your foreground and fill the selection. Then the layer fill to 70% Opacity and Darken and the Blend.

Next Make a new layer and make smaller inner selections on the wings like below:

With The selections made fill them with #5a5353. Then set the layer fill to 60% opacity and Hard Light as the blend.

Next We need to add The Decepticon Logo. Download the Logo here. Then open the image in PhotoShop and go to Edit > Define Brush Preset… Name the image Decepticon. Using the Brush you just made make a new layer and set your foreground to #193680 and click once to make a logo. Now Flip the logo upside down Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Then Scale the logo so if fits between the marking and the wing flaps. Finally use your perspective tool or Warp tool if you have CS2 or higher to make the logo look like it’s painted on the wing. Set the Blend to Multiply and the Fill leave at 100%.

And your Done.

As always feel free to submit your version in a comment and I will be sure to add it to the Viewer Submitted underneath the tutorial.

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