Creating Custom Brushes

In this tutorials we’ll create a custom bush from a shape we made using the Creating a Simple Fractal Shape tutorial.

Start out by creating your shape on a new layer. Make sure the background is black and the shape is on a new layer.

Create your fractal shape on a black background
Press “D” to reset your colors, and use Filter>Render>Clouds on the background layer.

Render clouds
Now select the Polygonal Lasso Tool and set Feather to 30.

Use the polygonal lasso tool with feather set to 30
Select your fractal layer and make a selection around it with the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Select around your shape with the lasso tool
Go to Edit>Select Brush Preset. Now delete your layer and clear the background layer so it’s like you are starting from scratch again.
Next select your new brush with the Brush Tool and click the Brushes Tab. Use the settings in the image.

Set your bursh's settings
Now you can brush around on your empty canvas until you get a satisfactory graphic. There you have your custom brush! Use the same Polygonal Lasso Tool technique to extract any other image and use it as a brush! Enjoy!

Final image

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