Creating an Exploding Planet

Use Photoshop to create an exploding planet like the one below.

1.) Create a new 400px X 400px document and set the background to black

2.) Create new layer and make a circular selection

3.) Fill with Pattern “Black Marble” (The Custom Pattern is “Black Marble” can be found by loading the “Rock Patterns” which are in the Presets.

4.) Go to Filter >> Sharpen >> Sharpen

5.) Deselect and flatten then go to Filter >> Distort >> Polar Coordinates >> Polar to Rectangle

6.) Image >> Rotate Canvas >> 90 degrees CW

7.) Then Filter >> Stylize >> Wind from the right select OK, then hit ctrl+f twice to apply the filter 2 more times

8.) Image >> Rotate Canvas >> 90 degrees CCW

9.) got to Filter >> Distort >> Polar Coordinates >> Rectangle to Polar

10.) Duplicate the layer twice

11.) Highlight the bottom layer and go to Image >> Adjustments >> Hue/Saturations (Ctrl+U). Apply the following settings:

Select OK and then hold Shift+Ctrl+F and put the Opacity on 50%.

12.) Now highlight the top layer and press Ctrl+U to bring up the Hue/Saturations box and apply the following settings:

Select Overlay as Blend Mode, Delete bg layer and then flatten

13.) Copy the layer 3 times, set Blend Mode to Lighten and Opacity 20% and Filter >> Distort >> Wave and make sure to select Randomize in the wave filter so that each layer is affected differently.

14.) Flatten the image and duplicate the layer twice

15.) On the first layer go Sharpen >> Sharpen and switch the Blend Mode to Lighten. On the top layer go Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur >> 2.5 and switch Blend Mode to Lighten

You should end up with something that looks like this!

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