Creating A Trick 'r' Treat Wallpaper (Quick and Dirty)

I was recently introduced to the film Trick ‘r’ Treat by a fellow co-worker and I was blown away by how creepy it was, in a very good way. So it inspired me to create a desktop wallpaper for the halloween season.

In this tutorial I will show you the 1920×1080 version and I will link to the 1600×1200 version at the end. So let’s begin.

Open a document 1920×1080 and fill it with black. Then go to your blending options and a gradient overlay set the starting color to #5a0c0c and the ending to #2e0000.

Next download Asset05 here and add it to our document. Scale it to fit the wallpaper. Then go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate and hit OK. Then go to Image > Adjustments > Levels and adjust the dark and light to your liking. Then set the layer to overlay and the fill to 20%

Then go to Filter > Render > Difference Clouds. Now using CTRL+F duplicate the filter 7 times. Now go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Set the the percent to 155% hit OK. Next go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Set the radius to 90° and the distance to 999 and hit OK. Now using CTRL+F duplicate the filter 7 times. Set the layer to overlay and the fill to 50%

Next download Asset03 here and add it to our wallpaper. Then using the Rectangular Marquee tool cut out the title from the image and hide that layer. Then set the layer to lighten and using a large eraser tool set to 20% remove the text boxes and blend in the pumpkins like below:

Now download Asset04 here and add it to our wallpaper. At this point add 3 guides. two 50 pixels from the top and bottom and one vertical in the center of the wallpaper or 960 pixels. Now Scale the image to roughly 50 – 60% its original size. Then use a soft large black brush to remove the orange shirt. Place The head slightly to the right of the center. Fill the remaning area in that layer with black. Then set the layer to Color Dodge.

Duplicate the first motion blur layer and bring it to the top. This time set the layer to vivid light and the fill to 25%.

Now unhide the Title layer and move it to the top. Place the title on the righthand side of the wallpaper and set the layer to lighten.

Then download Asset01 and Open it in a new document. Using the pen tool cut Sam from the background including the sucker and blood. Once you have him cut out add him to the wallpaper on the left center. Add a drop shadow and inner shadow to blend him in better with the wallpaper.

Make a new layer under Sam. Using a soft wide black brush with a 50% opacity make a tri shadow like below:

Make a new layer. Now using the same brush with a 20% opcaity widen the shadow.

Next go to deviantart and find a good bloody hand brush you like and add one to the left side of the wallpaper. Add it in a new layer just under same. Set the foreground color to #49070b. Set the layer to Overlay.

Follow the same steps like before only this time use a good blood splatter. Place it in the lower right side and set the layer to Soft light.

Now grab your soft wide black brush again. Make a new layer above the Sam layer. Set the layer opacity to 20% and slightly cover the blood splatter from his candy.

Next grab your text tool. Now we are going to add the slogan from Asset01 in two parts. Set the text color to #e1de5e select the chiller font and set the size to 50 px. Then on the top left under the first guide add “POISON, DROWNING, CLAW, OR KNIFE”. Then add an Inner and outter glow. Set the inner glow to Vivid Light with 100% opacity and a 4 pixel size in color #f16536. And an outter glow in color #c61202 set to normal with a 55% opacity and a spread to 7 and a size of 10.

Follow the same steps on the second part of the text only position it to the bottom left just over the bottom guide.

Make a New layer. This time make two rectangular selection using the horizontal guides and fill them black. And you are done. What did you come up with? Link them in a comment and I will post them here.

Here is the 1600×1200 version, enjoy

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