Creating A Tile

In this tutorial you’ll be learning how to create a tile in a few simple steps. This tutorial requires that you have some basic knowlegde of photoshop. You will be learning how to create a tile effect such as this:

Step 1. Create a new document 200,200px. I have used this image for my tile. You should too for learning purposes.

Step 2. Go to Filter > Other > Offset and enter in these settings:

Tile Offset Settings

Step 3. Now, grab the clone stamp tool and rub out all those lines to make it a smooth image, just dont touch the edges. Here is mine:

I stamped out mine roughly, you can make yours a lot better. Now go to Edit > Define Pattern. Choose your name and then you can use that as a pattern anywhere you want and it will look natural. Try and spice it up a bit. If you don’t know how to use the Clone Stamp tool there are hundreds on the internet.

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