Creating a Simple Fractal Shape

In this tutorials we’ll learn how to ceate a simple fractal shape that you can use later in other applications.

First, open a new document, 500x500px, and select a 5px soft brush. Fill the background with black (#000000). Next, select the Pen Tool, and select “Paths”.

Select pen then paths tool

Next, make a fractal design with the Pen Tool, similar to the one shown. You can really be creative with the type of shape you make.
Simple fractal shape
Now make your foreground color white (#FFFFFF) by pressing “X”. Then, click the “Paths” tab.

Select the paths tab

Now right-click the Work Path shown in the “Paths” tab and select “Stroke Path”. Check “Stimulate Pressure” and click “OK”.
Stimulate pressue
Finally, delete the path you just stroked.

Finished fractal image
And you’re done! You can use this technique in many different ways, try experimenting! Enjoy!

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