Creating a nice blue text effect

Ever wanted a nice quick text effect for a banner or poster or even a game you’re making? Well this one is seriously quick and you wont be wasting your time if you like this effect!

In this tutorial you’ll be creating this:

Bubbley Blue Final Image

Pretty cool eh?

First off, create a new canvas 100×400 or use this already made canvas:

canvas image

1. Select the text tool and make the font Comic Sans MS. We need to make this super bold to set these options. The color of the text at this moment is very important, select a nice deep blue which is quite light in a sense.

2. Well, the next step I made for you is SUPER EASY. This probably isn’t even a proper tutorial, because i’m providing you with the layer style to apply to the text.

First off, download the bubbley-blue layer style here and then i’ll teach you how to use them.

Importing the style

load layer styles image

Now, select the file that you downloaded.

Secondly, you’ll see those styles in the image in your list. Now select the Bubbley Blue 1,2 or 3 to get the effect. You might need to change the fill opacity to full it does not look right.

And viola! You can save your own presets and use them over and over again etc.. Any questions? Just comment! Thanks..

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