Creating A Final Fantasy XIII Wallpaper

I have been looking forward to this game for the better part of two years. Final Fantasy XIII is set to revitalize the franchise with new graphics, better game play mechanics, and an epic story line unfolding within three version. So in anticipation of the newest installment I decided to create and stylish Wallpaper.

First things first find a good picture of our main Character I chose Lightning but pick whoever you like. I found a good image of her and you can DL her here.

Now Open a new document at around 1600×1200 depending on your resolution. Double click the background layer and change it to layer 0. Next we are going to add a nice gradient. Open your Blending Options and select Gradient Overlay. Then set the First Color to #000000 and the last color to #424142 make sure that from top to bottom it goes light to dark.

Now we are going to make a grate to go over the base. You can make a pattern but today I will explain the longer way since I like to have options. Take your one pixel vertical marque tool and make a selection. Open a new layer and fill the selection with Black. Next Duplicate the layer by either right clicking the the layer and choosing duplicate layer or simply hit CTRL+J. Next move the new layer over five pixels. Do this until you have covered the entire wallpaper then merge those layers. Then Go to Edit > Transform > Free Transform rotate the layer 45° and scale it so it covers the entire wallpaper at an angle.

Now we are going to add the a cross section. So download the cross section file here. Open it in photoshop and drop it in your wallpaper. Line up the top of the cross section at the 300px horizontal line like below:

Next set the layer fill to 60%. Now we are going to add an Inner Shadow and a Drop Shadow. Set the Inner Shadow opacity to 100% and the blend to Normal, set the distance to 0 and the distance to 60. Then select Drop Shadow and set the distance to 0 and the and the size to 20 and hit OK.

Using the vertical guides at 250 and 750 make a selection, make a new layer and fill it with white. Then CTRL+Click the Cross Section and delete the white space under the it.

Next Add the Final Fantasy XIII logo. You can find a good version of it by searching at google.

Using the same guides you used on the white bar drag out two more guides at 255 and 745 then make two selection within them so that you have two small selections. Make a new layer and fill them with black. Now Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur set the blur to 5 – 10 pixels and hit OK. Then add the same gradient overlay that we used on the base. Finally cut the excess under the cross section.

Next CTRL+Click the layer you just created to make a selection. Then select the grate layer and copy the selection to a new layer. Then move the layer to the top.

Next do a search for 3 screen shots of the game. And add them like below to the walpapper.

Merge the screen shots and add a Drop Shadow and an Inner Shadow. Set the drop shadow distance to 6 and the size to 7. Then set the inner shadow distance to 0 and the size to 40.

Now is time to add Lightning to our wallpaper. So open the file you downloaded at the beginning. Add her to the wallpaper and move her to the left like below:

Now we are going to blend her in a bit. We are going to add an inner glow and another drop shadow. Set the drop shadow opacity to 60%, the distance to 0, and the size to 20. Then in the inner glow section set the color to #000000, the blend to Normal, and the opacity to 75%.

Finally CTRL+Click the Lightning Layer to make a selection. Make a new Layer. Fill the selection with Black. The go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur set the blur to between 20 – 40 pixels and hit OK. Then move this layer to under the Cross Section layer and you are done!

And link your versions and I will post them here so all can see! As Always have fun!

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