August 19, 2017

Creating A Celebrity Wallpaper

So this week I decided to change gears a bit. I have been seeing a lot of “Hot Chick” tutorials so I decided to tip the scale in the other direction and start doing “Hot Dude” tutorials. To Start I chose Gerad Butler. So let’s begin.

First open a new document at 1920×1080. Fill the document with black then go to your blending options and add a gradient overlay. Set the Starting color to #26a3ff and the edning to #12438f.

Then grab Assest01 here. Open it in a new document and remove the red background. Once you have cut Gerad out add him to our wallpaper. Now make two horizontal guides roughly 100px from the top and bottom. Everything between those will be our main focus. Now go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate and hit OK. Now scale this desaturated image to fit within the guides. It is fine to go over the guides a bit if you like since that area will be covered later. Next thse the layer fill to 15% and the blend to Linear Light.

Make a new layer. Were are going to use the bubbles brush again. which has rapiqly becoming my personal papyris. Select the bubble brush we made in and add these brush dynamics. Select Shape Dynamics and set the Size Jitter to 100%. Then select Scattering and set the Scatter to 1000%. Finally select Other Dynamics and set Opacity Jitter to 50%. Change the foreground color to White. Then make two Arching Pen lines using the pen tool. Then right click and select stroke path. Make sure brush is selected and simulate presure is not hit OK. Next go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur set the radius to 5.0 and hit OK. Set the layer to Overlay.

Now download Asset03 here. This time Cut the pillar from the background and then cut the pillar in half. Delete the right side and duplicate the left. Flip the copied layer horizontally and overlap the original about 20px. Then taking a 5px eraser tool with a 20% flow blend the copied layer with the original. merge the layer. Then add the pillar to the center of the wallpaper. Finally se the layer to 50% fill and the blend to Color Dodge. Then CTRL+Click the layer to make a selection and remove the bubbles in the selection.

Next open Asset02 here and remove the green background. Add Gerad to our wallpaper and have his arm rest on the pillar by flipping the layer horizontally.

Now select all current layer and duplicate them twice. Merge each new set into a layer each. Hide the top one for now. Then go to the visible merged layer and go to Filter > Render > Lighting Effects. Set the lighting to spotlight and adjust it to your liking and hit OK. Then set the layer to 75% fill and Overlay as the blend.

Now unhind the hiden layer and go to Filter > Other > HiPass. Set the radius to 23 and hit OK. Set the layer blend to Soft Light

Grab your text tool and select “Myriad Pro Semibold” set the size to 80px, the letter spacing to 60, and select small caps. Then type out “Gerad Butler”.

Duplicate the layer and move it just above the bubble layer. Rasterize the layer. then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the radius to 6, hit OK. Then scale the blurred layer to the bottom right slightly and hit Enter. Set the layer to Overlay.

Now using the guides we made earlier make selections of the outer sections. Make a new top layer and fill them with black. And you are done. Using this tutorial as a guide what did you come up with? Link it here and I will post it so everyone can see your version.