Create Your Very Own Movie Poster

Whenever you walk into the movie, some of the most impressive moments are the art and creativity behind the movie posters showing upcoming films. Well, how about if you wanted to create your own? It’s possible if you have the write tools. To demonstrate, I’m going to make a poster for the upcoming Thor movie.

Here are a few things you’ll need to download before going forwards:
Steel Tong Font (Movie poster credit font)
Thor Font (Top credit font)
Lightning Brush

First, create an image 500×741 and fill it to black. You might want to find movie poster credits to see how you want to layout the poster.

Ok, here is the most boring part of the tutorial. Write out your movie credits using the Steel Tong font. Try and piece together and move elements around to make it line up correctly. I added a bit of colors to the very bottom, using the traditional Thor blue, red, and yellow. Also, go ahead and grab your Thor Font and add the names featured:

Now it’s time to add some cool effects to the poster. A theme in Thor is that he’s an Asgardian god who’s been cast down to Earth. So, we’re going to add an Earth. Grab any image with a beautiful display of Earth from space. Cut the bottom half out, and use a fade brush to give it a cast down effect into the poster credits.

Ok, now that we have our Earth it’s time to add Asgard. Find a good picture of an old medieval castle or of a whole village/town. We’re going to place it below the top credits. Set the opacity so the credits still show, but you can still see the Asgard image.

Now, we’re going to add a couple of new elements. First we’re going to put the movie title up near the top. Grab a good strong, bold font and type out THOR. The Thor font should have this blend option.

Next, we’re going to use Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and place it behind Earth. The Thor font should have this blend option.

Now, we’re going to add the final touches. First, lower the Thor Font opacity to 64%. Now, grab your lighting brush tool and try to make a stroke at the bottom of each letter.

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